Discover the rockin’ soul and asskickin’ sound of an extraordinary band that deserves the name of rock’n’roll. Inspired by true legends such as KISS, Volbeat, Maiden or AC/DC the three rockaholics unleash their own unique style of musical impact. Jesse Garon, Johnny Angel and Pätzy Dävey are providing blistering guitarriffs, cutting ass bass and heavy drums. That’s how the band imposingly shows what rock’n’roll is about. It’s out there, right here, just in front of you – so take the powerful rock-infusion of Sloppy Joe’s!

Sloppy Joe's Bandinfo

Pätzy Dävey - Drums/BG-Vocals    Jesse Garon - Vocals/Guitar    Johnny Angel - Bass/BG-Vocals

Sloppy Joe's - PRESS PHOTO
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